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Before Fieldwork


Fieldsheet Template for New Dry Forest Plots

We recommend investigators use this fieldsheet template (print ready) designed by the RAINFOR network.

During Fieldwork

EnWe hope you choose to use the DryFlor detailed plot protocol available in three languages: 

The DryFlor Manual for Plot Establishment and Remeasurement – English (V1.2) English (V1.1)  English (V1.0)

Protocolo para el Establecimiento y Monitoreo de Parcelas de Bosque Seco –  Spanish (V1.2) Spanish (V1.1 ). Spanish (V1.0)

Manual de Campo para Estabelecimento e Remedição de Parcela – Portuguese (V1.2) Portuguese (V1.1) Portuguese (V1.0)

This protocol was published in the journal Plants People Planet in collaboration with the RAINFOR network and NordEste project. It is designed for use with various supplementary protocols, which can be found here. For studies using the DryFlor plot protocol, we recommend using the citation of its original publication:

P.W. Moonlight, K Banda-R, O. Phillips, K.G. Dexter, R.T. Pennington, T. Baker, H. Cavalcante de Lima, L. Fajardo, R. González-M., R. Linares-Palomino, J Lloyd, M. Nascimento, D. Prado, C. Quintana, R. Riina, G.M. Rodríguez M., D. Maria Villela, A.C. M. M. Aquino, L. Arroyo, C. Bezerra, A. Tadeu Brunello, R. Brienen, D. Cardoso, K.-J. Chao, I.A. Cotta Coutinho, J. Cunha, T. Domingues, M.M. do Espirito Santo, T.R. Feldpausch, M.F. Fernandes, Z. Goodwin, E.M. Jiménez, A. Levesley, L. Lopez Toledo, B. Marimon, R.C. Miatto, M. Mizushima, A. Monteagudo, M. Soelma Beserra de Moura, A. Murakami, D. Neves, R. Nicora Chequín, T. César de Sousa Oliveira, E. Almeida de Oliveira, L. Paganucci de Queiroz, A. Pilon, D. Marques Ramos, C. Reynel, P.M.S. Rodrigues, R. Santos, T. Särkinen, V. Fernando da Silva, R.M.S. Souza, R. Vasquez, E. Veenendaal (2020) Expanding tropical forest monitoring into Dry Forests: the DRYFLOR protocol for permanent plots. Plants People Planet, 2020; 00: 1– 6, DOI: 10.1002/ppp3.10112

We are delighted to hear of all projects using the DryFlor plot protocol in any of its three languages.

Please contact us if you would like advice on establishing plots in tropical dry forests or have any questions about the protocol.


After Fieldwork


Data produced following the DryFlor plot protocol are compatible with both the DryFlor and ForestPlots databases. Manuals detailing how to upload the data to these databases can be found at the following links:

Uploading Abundance Data to DryFlor

Uploading Dry Forest Census Data to ForestPlots

The RAINFOR network has also produced videos explaining how to upload forest census data from humid forests to the ForestPlots database. Most upload steps are identical for humid and dry forest census, so we recommend these videos to investigators using the DryFlor plot protocol:

ForestPlots Data Upload Training Videos