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Browse the Dryflor data
Here you can browse the entire DRYFLOR dataset of over 1600 floristic surveys from the entire neotropical region. You can search for surveys in a particular country or region, or by species or higher taxonomic groups.

Additionally, you can generate species distribution maps based on the DRYFLOR dataset of floristic inventories.

DRYFLOR uses a broad concept of tropical dry forest that covers formations that suffer several months of drought. This wide interpretation includes formations as diverse as tall forest on moister sites to cactus scrub on the driest. Using such a wide definition of dry forest is deliberate because it allows investigation of the floristic relations between different dry forest formations across their full neotropical range.

The data are focused on woody plants able to grow taller than 3m in height excluding lianas and climbers. A site in the DRYFLOR database is defined as a 10 km diameter circle generally centred on a specific survey within a single, homogeneous vegetation type.

DRYFLOR follows the nomenclature of the Angiosperm Phylogeny Group classification (APG III) for families.

Users are able to build their own dataset for downlaod.

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