DryFlor Latin American Seasonally Dry Tropical Forest Floristic Network
DryFlor Red Floristica Latinoamericana del Bosque Tropical Estacionalmente Seco
DryFlor A Rede Florística de Floresta Tropical Estacional Seco
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Publication data sets

If you download and use any of the data sets listed below, in addition to using the citation suggested for the data set,  we request that you acknowledge DRYFLOR in your acknowledgements (e.g., We thank the DRYFLOR network (http://www.dryflor.info/) for making their data freely available)
We ask you to do this because it enables us to keep our funders and especially our partners, updated on how their valuable contributions have been used.
Plant diversity patterns in neotropical dry forests and their conservation implications. DRYFLOR 2016. Science 355: 465-466

Download the dataset: csv (12MB), zip (0.8MB)
Download the shape file:  Schematic dry forest distribution in the Neotropics: zip (2.4Mb)

If you use this dataset in a publication, we request that you cite

DRYLFOR. 2016. Science 355: 465-466 and make clear in your methods the download was from the DRYFLOR website (http://www.dryflor.info/data)